Child Custody Cases

Although we typically decline approximately 70% of the requests we receive for child custody investigations, the ones we do accept are usually successful. The reason we might refuse a custody case is if we perceive that the potential client has no real interest in the welfare of the child and is attempting to use custody as a means of harassment. A typical example would be a parent, involved in a divorce and mad at their spouse, requesting the investigation to get even with them. The life of a child is not a toy or a tool to be used by an angry parent.

We take any custody case very seriously and our main concern is the best interest of the child, most especially when there is any type of abuse or neglect present. If you feel that you are in need of our services please call us for a free consultation. We will work closely with your attorney to get the results you need. Call 1-888-615-1118 for a free consultation or Email us with any questions.

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