There are many reasons why you might need surveillance from a qualified private investigator at some point in your life. With an increase in crime rates, marital infidelity, and employee dishonesty, surveillance is simply one of the smartest ways to give you the facts and keep you safe. Surveillance can provide the proof you need about the people you trust with your home, your children, your money, and your life.

New privacy laws mean that evidence collected through audio/video equipment as well as other forms of surveillance equipment, can be restricted when not performed by a licensed private investigator. If you suspect that a spouse is cheating, a caregiver is abusive, an employee is dishonest, someone is betraying you, it is difficult to concentrate on everyday tasks. A single call to Sidestreet Investigations can put you on the path to learning the truth.

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We can preform background checks on potential employees or renters to help you avoid problems before they start.

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